About Us

Pro Handyman is the best service provider in and around Plano.

Pro Handyman is your all-purpose household helper, ready to solve all your problems. Broken socket? Need to assemble furniture or install baseboards? Hang a picture or nail a shelf? Or maybe you have a leaky faucet or blinking lights? Whatever kind of domestic problems you may have, our plumbers, electricians and all-rounders will solve them in just an hour!

We offer our clients

  • High quality service;
  • Affordable prices for all types of services;
  • Master on call with a full set of professional tools within an hour;
  • The execution of complex works requires from 1 working day. Easier breakages we eliminate literally in an hour;
  • Possibility to buy cheaper consumables through our trusted suppliers;

Company Owner / Victor Brave

Victor Brave has more than 20 years of handyman experience. Responsible and proactive, ready to offer the best results in your home projects. Skills for team direction and project management. He will be the person who will best match your budget for the best quality service.