Attic Stair Installation Replacement

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Installation of attic stairs includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of the opening, if necessary its expansion;
  • Assembling the staircase on its supports;
  • Insulation of gaps;
  • Final fixing of the structure by tightening the bolts and, if necessary, additional lateral fixing;
  • Adjustment of the length of the ladder, the choice of angle of inclination.

Practical guidelines for installing attic stairs:

Choice of stair material. Closely at the time of purchase to select the type of attic stairs (wood, metal, metal scissor type) depending on the anticipated frequency of use and the anticipated load.

Proper measurement of the opening. When selecting the size of the staircase and preparing the ceiling opening it is necessary to take into account that the gap between the walls of the opening and the box is about 1 cm for the use of mounting wedges and the mounting foam. Checking the level of the installed ladder. When installing the ladder frame, it is mandatory to check the horizontal position and check the diagonals of the frame. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in warping the design of the attic stairs and refusal of its operation in the future.

Check the presence of the protrusion. The hatch should protrude at 4-5 mm from the ceiling surface to account for the final finish of the ceiling and for the use of casing hatch. Check the vertical level. Adjustments to the ladder and the adjustment of the ladder height should be made so that the ladder clearly formed a straight line and without skewing rested on the surface of the floor.

External inspection and inspection of the working condition of the mechanisms. After the final assembly of the ladder should check the correct operation of all mechanisms. Remember that most of the defects made during the installation of the stairs by careless builders will not appear at first. And only the quality work of qualified installers with extensive experience can guarantee trouble-free long-term operation of the attic stairs in your home.