Electrical Handyman Services in Plano, Texas

You will not waste any more time looking for specialists and comparing prices. Our electrical handyman services with house call in Plano, Texas covers the main needs of your home with a specialized handyman even for unforeseen events that may arise. We take care of solving the main and most frequent problems that may arise in your home so that you do not have to worry.

Our Handyman service in Plano not only provides quality services on plumbing repairs, electrical works, and air conditioning but considers the COVID-19 spread when we schedule services for our customers’ houses.
What is our house call electrician service?

First, this is a great way to optimize your time, money and avoid unwanted stress! Have you run out of light? Did you have a blown plug? Do you want to install a lamp? Do you need to urgently install your TV on the wall? If you don’t have enough time or experience to do minor electrical work at home our electricians close to you will provide the highest quality service!

Rely on our 24/7 handyman electricians to replace outlets, locate and repair doorbells, install incandescent and halogen bulbs, ceiling lights, electrical appliances, new lighting fixtures, fittings, and other minor electrical works. We design repairs and home electrical installations in such a way as to maximize the safety of customers and their property.

Our electricians are always here to help you

  • Structured indoor & outdoor wiring.
  • Detection & elimination of short circuits
  • Installation & repairs of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Installation & repairs of the home general electrical system
  • Installation & repairs of lamps, sockets, switches, breakers,
  • Installation & repairs of the ceiling and whole-house fans
  • Installation & wiring of TVs on the wall
  • Installation & wiring of all variety of electrical equipment
  • Ground connection for thermal baths, electric showers,
  • water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers
  • Free consultations and technical visits.

Customer information

Call us in Plano, TX on and tell us what you need. Our electricians are available 365 days a year. If you prefer that we call you, please fill out the form on our website that you will find above. In the emergency service, the technician will assist your home in less than 1 hours. All repairs and installation works would be performed within a maximum of 1-3 hours.

An electrical expert will make the first fault assessment and give you the best price on the market. If you are satisfied, he will schedule a visit by a handyman electrician to your home at your nearest convenient time. We adapt to you! Everything we do from the first phone call to the completion of the service has a 1-year warranty!

Do not hesitate and get in touch with our electrician! He will come to your home on the agreed date to solve the problem immediately without charging you a fortune. We even do not charge his travel expenses!