Faucet Repair & Installation

If you need installation or a complete faucet replacement in Plano, call us! Our handyman installs and repairs shower, kitchen water faucets in Plano, Texas. Plumbing installation and connection are done safely and properly.

Can’t get your faucet fixed – call us. We repair plumbing in Plano within an hour. A professional handyman has all the tools you need.

Handyman services include:

Installation of faucets on various plumbing products (bathtubs, sinks, showers) of various configurations and models.
Replacement of faucet parts with spare parts.
Dismantling work.
Additional installation services: drilling holes, installation of fasteners.

Work Stages:

  • Removal of unnecessary plumbing fixtures.
  • Preparation of the installation site (if necessary, drilling holes and installation of fasteners).
  • Installing the faucet (sink, bathtub, shower).
  • Connecting to a hot and cold water supply.
  • Sealing of connections.
  • Functional check: no leaks, reliable connection.
  • Consulting the client on operating issues.

What does the cost of faucet installation depend on?

Type of faucet. The lowest prices are for the installation of the lever and two-handle mixer taps of the table type. Connecting sensor and thermostatic faucets cost more.

Installation options. If the water faucet is recessed, the cost will be higher compared to the installation of a desktop device. In this case, you will need to drill through the wall to fix the frame and flexible hose supply, and after installing the faucet, perform finishing work.

The type of pipes. Performing a mixer tap to polypropylene pipes is easier than to steel pipes. Consequently, this also affects the price of installing or replacing the faucet.

The need to perform additional work – to install eccentrics, removing the old faucet, installing a water filter.

There are many kinds and configurations of mixing equipment. We offer installation and connection of different types of faucets.