Shelving Installation Services

Shelving installation services in Plano, Texas. If you need shelving installed, our professional handyman will do the assembly and installation in no time. Store-bought shelving can be difficult to install, and professional tools are required to properly install the shelving.

Garage, pantry, laundry room, living room – wherever you need shelving, our handyman can handle it.

The most important thing when assembling shelving in the house is to decide what things it will be for, and match the load to the size of the shelves.

For a small pantry suit, a few rows of shelves are located above each other. It is better to leave space for boxes and drawers at the bottom: so the area will be used optimally.

The size of the compartments should be made by the size of the items that will be removed into the pantry.

If the room has a high ceiling, it is worth providing space for a stool or stepladder: it will be more convenient to get things from the top shelves.

Some pantries have enough space to make deep shelves. This is not always convenient, also, you should leave a distance for the passage and bringing in items.

Types of Shelving We Install

  • Glass shelf Installation
  • Bookshelf installation
  • Floating shelf installation
  • Top-hung shelf installation
  • Corner shelf installation
  • Pull-out shelf installation
  • Cabinet shelf installation
  • Wire shelf installation