Sink Installation & Repair

Call or fill out an application online if you need a handyman in Plano. Installing a sink is a complex task that should be entrusted to a professional right away. Such a procedure requires disconnecting the water, connecting the plumbing to the utilities, installing the faucet and other elements. Professional installation will prolong the life of the sink, will give you comfort and only pleasant moments from the use of sanitary ware.

How to call a handyman? Call by phone or fill in the application form on the site.

When Is It Time To Replace a Sink?

But we got ahead of ourselves. Why replace a sink in the first place? The most common reasons are upgrading to a new look and the existing sink being scratched, chipped, cracked, or stained.

  • Sink Repair  Sinks rarely break, but even stainless steel stains and most materials can be scratched and scuffed. Drain fittings can’t be replaced, and rust can’t be removed. So about the only possible sink repair is dabbing on a patch for a chip in porcelain (ceramic) on metal construction.
  • Faucet Replacement  If a faucet can’t be repaired, it can be economical to go ahead with a new sink and faucet at the same time.
  • Replacement Sink Installation  Most replacements are part of a home improvement project, usually remodeling a kitchen or bath. Or their separate project for a quick refresh.

Wingate’s plumbers are experts in sink repair and are ready to fix your clogged sink or perform a sink installation to meet your needs.

The sink is a central feature of kitchens and bathrooms and is susceptible to getting clogged drains. Having a clogged sink or a leaking sink gets in the way of your household routine and causes a major inconvenience when this plumbing fixture is not operating properly. Sometimes you may need to replace your entire sink and our technicians are ready to assist you with sink installation in addition to our sink repair services.

Wingate’s sink repair and sink installation services include the following residential and commercial services to handle your sink problems. If you have a clogged kitchen sink or a clogged drain in the bathroom Wingate can help.

Bathroom Sink Services

The most common bathroom sink plumbing problem homeowners face is a clogged drain, from the accumulation of hair, soap scum, and even foreign objects like bobby pins or cotton swabs. If you have a clogged sink in your bathroom, you can attempt to unclog the sink yourself using a sink plunger. If the clog is too far down the pipes or you can’t fix it on your own, call the expert plumbers at Wingate. Our professionals will fix your clogged drains and provide additional sink repair if needed.

In addition to unclogging bathroom sink drains, Wingate plumbers can also perform a wide range of bathroom sink repair tasks including fixing leaky drains, repairing cracks or chips in porcelain and ceramic sink basins, and installing or replacing new sinks during your bathroom remodel.

Kitchen Sink Services

Malfunctioning garbage disposal, grease buildup, accumulated food and more can all contribute to a clogged kitchen sink. The sink is the focal point in the kitchen and when you have a clogged kitchen sink, that will cause problems. There are some ways homeowners can unclog a kitchen sink, including using a sink plunger, snaking the drain, or using a solution of vinegar and baking soda. For the more severe clogged kitchen sinks, call your local Wingate plumber.

Though Wingate is known for unclogging drains, we also perform a wide variety of sink repair services including kitchen sink leak repair, faucet leak repair and installation, and garbage disposal maintenance, repair, and installation. Give Wingate a call and ask about the numerous sink repair services your local professional can assist with.