Toilet repair & installation

Toilet repair and installation in Plano, Texas. At our service, you can order repair and installation services for any type of toilet bowl. Our master’s repair suspended flush systems, compact cisterns, as well as recessed designs. Restore performance when any breakage occurs. Dismantle and install components.

If you need toilet installation or a complete toilet replacement in Plano, give us a call!

When you need toilet repair

Water continuously flows into the drain tank, and from there flows into the sewer;
problems with the water flush – the flush is carried out after several presses on the lever or button;
failure of the flush button mechanism;
the toilet bowl leaks;
dialing water into the tank is accompanied by increased noise, whistling;

If you have a broken toilet – call the handyman.

Recommendations for breaking the toilet bowl

If you decide to try to fix the malfunction yourself, pay attention to the following tips.

With a constant flow of water in the tank and its spontaneous leakage into the bowl, remove the tank lid and try to move the mechanism. It may have moved out of place, leading to these consequences. Also, the cause of the malfunction may be a cracked float and water in it. It becomes heavy and does not rise to the proper level. Take it out, pour out the water and seal it up.

The flush button may not work due to a broken rod. Try using a piece of thick wire instead. This will help for a while, but the rod will still need to be bought.

Also, the button itself can fail. It is better to replace it for proper operation.

If the system is leaking, most likely there is a crack somewhere or there are problems with the tightness of the joints. In this case, you need to find the weak point, shut off the supply and try to fix the problem. If you do not know how to do this, it is better to immediately call a plumber.

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