Water heater repair Plano, Texas

Need a water heater repair in Plano? Our company has extensive practical experience in repairing water heaters of various brands and models. In most cases, the technician can determine the cause of the breakdown during a phone call and comes to the customer with the necessary set of spare parts.


Chances are the only time your water heater will act unusual is when something’s wrong with it. Here are some instances when you’ll want to call the professionals:

  • Your home has no hot water or not enough hot water.
  • The water is discolored.
  • You smell foul odors coming from your water heater.
  • There’s a pool of water surrounding it.
  • Your unit is making unusual noises.

Water heater repair may include the following types of work:

Corrosion of the boiler tank entails complex repairs. Our specialists have the necessary equipment, and high qualification allows us to eliminate such defects without replacing the tank. Small holes are welded, the work is given a long warranty.
If there is no water heating, first of all, electrical equipment is tested. In some cases, it is necessary to change the thermostat, fuses, or cutoff switch. Most often, the cause of the breakdown is the failure of the heating element. Replacement of the part with a similar spare part is made after draining the liquid from the tank. Depending on the model, the work may take up to 1.5 hours, after which the serviceability of the equipment is checked.
Weak water pressure is also considered a common breakdown. In most cases, it is enough to clean dirt and scale from the fused valve, after which the performance of the equipment is restored.
Replacement of the plug or socket is performed by our staff in case of excessive heat. In some cases, the owner is given recommendations for the replacement of electrical wiring to a more powerful. It may be necessary to connect the device to the grounding system.
Our specialists often have to correct mistakes made during the installation of the equipment. If the boiler heats an insufficient amount of water, likely, the equipment was incorrectly connected to the piping system at the site.

The main defects of electric heaters of different brands are:

Failure of heating elements due to scale formation. In most cases, the repair involves replacing the heating element with a similar spare part, after which the performance of the equipment and the speed of water heating is checked.
One of the most complex breakdowns is considered leaks, formed due to corrosive processes. In some cases, it is possible to weld the tank, but most often a complete replacement of the electric heater is required.
Leaks can also be fixed in the places where the boiler is connected to the inlet and outlet network. To repair it is enough to replace gaskets and seals, restore the tightness of the system.
A weak set at the outlet of the tank can be caused by the formation of scale in the safety valve or mixer. Such a malfunction is eliminated quickly enough if you have enough experience, skills, and appropriate equipment.
In some cases, weak water heating or its absence is caused by the failure of the sensor, which incorrectly displays the temperature of the liquid inside the tank.
Problems with electrical wiring, socket, and electronics of the boiler may become the reasons for going to the service center. An experienced technician will quickly determine the actual cause and carry out work on the elimination of defects.

Our company repairs electric water heaters in Plano, Texas. The experience and professionalism of our staff allow us to identify and repair the most complex breakdowns. The handyman is equipped with modern equipment, the use of which makes repairs and preventive maintenance more prompt and qualitative. You can make a request and call a master at any time. To do this, just call us or fill out the feedback form on the website.