Water leak repair

Need water leaks repaired in Plano? A leaking pipe is a common problem faced by any homeowner. The most important thing when detecting a leak is to act quickly. For a professional handyman, leak repair is one of the main services. Our specialists will promptly fix the leak, determine the nature and location of the damage, as well as diagnose plumbing equipment in your home. As a rule, the main cause of the leak – worn pipes, incorrect installation, or erroneous choice of materials. It can start with a trivial “popping” that often is not noticed right away. But later such a trifle can turn into a breakthrough of the whole plumbing system in the house.

When you find a leak, you must first shut off the water supply yourself. To do this, inspect the access to the pipes, change the position of the valve (turn it clockwise) and check on the faucet to see if the water supply is running. Then immediately call a handyman by phone to fix the leak and repair the pipe section. A professional plumber will come with the whole arsenal of necessary tools and will reduce the time of plumbing work in your home. The amount of work of the wizard may depend on many factors: the presence or absence of rubber gaskets, the correctness of the valve installed in the system, the presence of rust on the pipes and its size, whether the stop valve in the house drainage system, its wiring and other conditions that may be important in the repair of leaks. Therefore, you should never put off calling a handyman.

Causes of leaks

Due to the expiration of the service life of the piping or plumbing;
due to mechanical damage;
as a result of premature destruction of the pipeline under the influence of aggressive factors or due to a corrosive environment that has caused erosion of the pipe walls;
Damage of welded or threaded joints;
errors in the installation of plumbing, after which it is necessary to fix the toilet bowl leaks;
irregularities in the operation of the system, resulting in a pressure surge and depressurization of joints, requiring immediate repair of leaking water pipes or heating system.


Experienced craftsmen with years of experience in their field;
The use of professional equipment;
The prompt departure of a specialist at home;
Provision of services 24/7 without holidays and weekends;
Ability to purchase/deliver materials by a master;
Discounts for regular orders;

You can place an order for leak repair online or by phone listed on the website. And remember: if there is an emergency, we always recommend calling an experienced plumber at home to fix the problem! Promptly calling a specialist will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.